Improving Healthcare through Advanced Medical Research utilizing Artificial Intelligence Technologies


Our Mission

Our ongoing mission is to improve the quality of patient care by utilizing and developing innovative digital management solutions, advanced technologies and products within the healthcare ecosystem. 

What We Do

We at Aeongo Technologies started our journey on pediatric care using Artificial Intelligence-based digital healthcare management solutions and medical research.

We have since expanded our efforts to develop management solutions for geriatric care, chronic diseases and more.

Doctor's Desk

Leadership Team

We are a diverse team of Biomedical Researches, Healthcare Professionals and Software Engineers. The unique perspectives of our team help rein our approach and design so that our solutions are not only innovative but also intelligent and impactful.

CEO/CTO & Chief Architect

Calvin started his education in Medical School, but found strong interest in computer technology fields, with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from New York University.  Calvin has more than 20 years of technical and leadership experiences in Information Technology covering a wide range of industries, such as, Telecom, Digital Medicine, Mental Health, Pediatric Care, Nutritional Health, Rideshare, Food Delivery, eCommerce and Social Media Marketing. 

Our Researchers

Aeongo is proud to have a talented team of researchers and medical professionals hailing from the following schools.

Our Projects

Aeongo is proud to have embarked on a multitude of promising projects, creating from the ground up, applications that serve as helpful tools in our mission to improve ones health care. Aeongo is building a robust ecosystem of tools that can provide enhanced care at every stage of ones life. 

The AeonCare app, PureHealth.ai app and Dr. Advice are just some of the projects Aeongo has launched. Learn more about each of those projects below and stay tuned for more ambitious projects from Aeongo.

AeonCare App

Patients App

The Aeoncare app is an adaptable health management platform designed for both patients and doctors, working in tandem to offer parents educational tools, assessments and consultations.


Our Partnerships

Aeongo Technologies is always interested in exploring partnerships opportunities to bring amazing medical technologies and knowledge to the world. If you are interested in further information about partnering with us, please contact us via the link below. 
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